Elkhorn's Approach

To provide powerful, yet agile software that is tailorable as a company’s needs change. Changes in technology, have changed the landscape of business. Rental management, fifty years ago was all done by hand and distributed via US Post. The owner/manager would collect rents, update the payments on the rent-roll, take the checks to the bank (hope they would all clear, which took days), then drop that information into an accounting system.

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Adaptation Function

The Core Elements, afford a superior way to catalog, report, and control the ownership and management processes. These elements can be enhanced to automate processes within the sector, such as property acquisitions/dispositions, analysis of data, quantifying and assessing impacts of elements that have a direct economic impact on the asset, such as replacements and obsolesce.

Our software provides intuitive, easy-to-use, robust, and comprehensive feature sets

Acquisition - Control - Audit

 – Smart – Acquisitions

 – Lender – Controls

 – Audit – Standard due diligence for booking loans & securitization of debt.

Quantifying Risk :

 – Physical property assessments

 – Verify physical and economics

 – Componentized building

 – Verify rent-roll – Tenant profile

  • Occupied – performing/non-performing
  • Vacant – ready to rent, status for bringing online quantify time (estimate) and cost
  • Background Screening
Web-based software provides the solution. There is no longer a need to update the computer software, as the software is designed to make the changes.

Business Process Automation:

  • Management of routine processes
  • Resources for efficient commerce
  • Tools for perfecting an efficient commerce model with systems 
  • Marketing – Distribution
  • Catalog listing – Push/Aggregate information

Business Infrastructure:

  • Accounting
  • Communication
  • Marketing
  • Process Management
  • Access Resources
  • Monitor Information

Catalog Exchange Pairing Services

  • Subscription-based for those wanting to engage, hire, vet the services of others on a prescribed basis

  • Those looking to sell their goods, services, and talents

  • Subscription-based for those providing goods and services

  • Push information to catalog listings

  • Proprietary listing pages (aggregate/propagate)

  • SEO catalog of supplies, services, goods & talent