What is included in the base platform?


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What We Do

  • Automated collection of receivables
  • Automated accounts payable
  • Background screening – employment, client, tenants
  • Quantitative data assemblage – comparing market analysis
  • Compliant documents, leases, legal forms, addendums, codicils, notices
  • Keeping track of contract renewals: clients, employees, subscriptions
  • Communications portal: connect with clients, owners/partners, employees, and vendors
  • Marketing: advertising tools, promotion, public relations, with tracking
  • Resources for getting things done, add to your vendor section and search for resources
  • Mobil applications and remote access to information files, data and actions
  • Filing systems, and retaining documents, communications, and accounting
  • Executive dash, tracking your critical indicators and keeping abreast of key indexes and tracking market data
  • “Back-Office”, setting up your company website, mail server, interactive with your marketing/advertising
  • Executive board reports, data analysis, results tracking and granting access to information, employee performance evaluations
  • HR module: tracking schedules, employment pay-roll, commissions, benefits and company policies


Accounting, automated accounting correct to bank audit standards, “Super General Ledger”, providing all the important reports. Whether you are a CPA, bookkeeper, or layman our system is recognized as the easiest to use, as well as robust with a myriad of detailed account options and features.

Accounting Correct, reviewed by major accounting firms they have recommended the Elkhorn Software “super general ledger” as it balances to cash with every transaction in “REAL TIME”
Management Reports, and analysis
All data easily exported to other common accounting software
Invoice/Receivable Collection PCI Compliant: Managed Automated Online Payments. Security – Secure, Meeting Highest Audit Standards
Automation of the sometimes-arduous task of invoicing and collecting monthly receivables to us! Add Automated collection of Payments to any receivable and add professional-level servicing of late payments to your toolbox.
We partner with major Payment Gateway Companies, assuring security and seamless transaction processing We have negotiated the competitive rates to provide you with the very best pricing with excellent servicing. Both large receivables such as Rent and other receivable payment processing is available for both individual smaller users as well as large portfolios, all sizes large and small. High volume processing is also available.
Automated Invoicing Online and via USPS
ACH/Echeck, and Credit Card Payments – Online and via Phone
Receivables are collected and securely deposited directly to your designated accounts and automatically accounted within the accounting system.


Automated Invoicing

Professional monthly invoices generated and mailed to your tenants.

All forms of Payment

Accept credit cards, ACH/eCheck, Phone payments

Get your rent Fast!

Deposits appear in your bank account in 2 – 4 days

Accounting for You

We automatically post collected status of your receivable to your ledger.